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Yo WhatsApp Apk

More than 1 billion people have been using WhatsApp for their primary means of communication. The popularity of the apps has surpassed its competitors. However, many people are still considering the original version of WhatsApp because it still has some flaws. Since then, many developers created the improved or modified versions of WhatsApp to give more user’s experiences to the Whatsapp Users. The yo whatsapp apk is not available on the google play store but you can download it here by just following the given link below 

yo whatsapp apk download

Yo WhatsApp apk Download

Download WhatsApp Mod

This time, Yo Whatsapp apk download is the modded version that you’d want to check because of its fantastic features. The good thing about this app is that you don’t have to uninstall your real WhatsApp. Unlike the other modded versions, you can use both apps (both WhatsApp and Yo Whatsapp) simultaneously at one single device.

Many people are not satisfied with the current WhatsApp and believe that the developers can do more. Some genius people have made it. Yo Whatsapp is the higher version of WhatsApp.

There are some YoWhatsapp features that you can’t find in the conventional WhatsApp:

  • App lock
  • Call blocking
  • Unlimited themes.
  • Hide online status
  • Hide blue-tick
  • Apply Fingerprint
  • Send any file. Sky’s the only limit
  • Change the font family
  • A message without saving number
  • Anti-Delete messages – People can’t take back what they said, they can’t delete their messages.
  • Hide blue tick, second tick, Recording, typing, etc.
  • Hide media from the gallery
  • Customize every page of WhatsApp
  • Hide Name of person to whom you are chatting
  • Hide profile photo
  • Many more

You can get all those features by installing Yo Whatsapp on your device. Not to mention that Yo Whatsapp can translate the foreign language into your mother language. That means you can get in touch internationally although you can’t speak another language.

The instant messaging platform like Whatsapp has been contributing a lot to the world. But for some people, the limitation won’t make them easier to strive for achievements. Whether you are using the WhatsApp for business or pleasures, you can grant the features of Yo Whatsapp to achieve your goals. These can be crucial parts of your life.

In these days, most of the mobile users would like to share the moments or information with the help of the live chatting apps. WhatsApp has helped us to stay in touch with the other ones without any phone bills to cost.  But there is always extra mile to reach. Yo Whatsapp is created by Yousef al-Basha with the primary objective to provide the enhanced features and customizations. Did we also mention that you’ll get the exclusive themes that you’ll never find in the original WhatsApp? Improve your user’s experience now by installing Yo Whatsapp on your device. There are many feature present to experience if you want a clear picture of what features are and how they work then follow the given link of the video so that you can get know the mechanism and about the feature